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    Code Changes

    Pambear Level 1
      I've tried several of the coding changes referred to in this forum. Most instructions say to make the changes in the topic's .html file. Well, I did that and, when I didn't compile Robohelp, it worked. But if I compile the SSLs, the code reverts back to the previous code and my changes are gone....what am I doing wrong? In Captivate, there is a file called "standard.htm" that can be modified once and, when the movies are re-published, this file replaces the old. Is there such a file in Robohelp?

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          HKabaker Level 2

          You can insert a Javascript using the Insert/Advanced menu, and RH will preserve it.

          However, I make my code modifications in the output files, after generating WebHelp.

          There are some RH templates that you can alter, if you want the change to carry over permanently, in every project. For project-specific or topic-specific code, go to the output file.

          Templates are in the WebHelp5Ext folder, in RoboHTML and in a folder with the same name in RoboHELP, in the RoboHelp Office directory (under C:Program Files, unless you've installed it elsewhere.)

          Needless to say, changing RH code templates can be dicey.

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            Roger N Level 2
            Pam -

            I'm with Harvey on this - rather than fiddle with the templates, I do my changes after generating. And I do a lot of customization.

            So, I use ReplaceEm, which will search and replace multiple lines in multiple files.

            And, you can save your search 'n replace processes to a script, and re-run them with two clicks. Just like a project .xpj or .hpj file, I usually have a .bkr (ReplaceEm) file for each project as well .
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              MergeThis Level 4
              I keep modified files that have been adapted for various reasons (and which might otherwise be over-written at each generation) in a separate folder. I then copy these files (whfbody.htm, whibody.htm, whnjs.htm, whskin_frmset01.htm, whtdhtml.htm, and whthost.js) to the generated output folder to maintain the changes I want.

              Another thing to keep in mind: some code changes might only "stick" if you Save the file before you exit TrueCode. That is, before you click anywhere else (TOC tab, Topics tab, etc.).

              Good luck,
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                Pambear Level 1
                Leon and Roger,

                Thanks for the info! It was just what I needed!