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    Double array in DataGrid!

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      Hallo all

      ive 2 arrays:
      var dataTemp1:Array = [{id:1, name:"05/11/2005", surname:"Jackson"}, {id:2,
      name:"10/10/2005", surname:"Robben"}, {id:3, name:"21/09/2005",
      surname:"Nicoletti"}, {id:4, name:"01/01/2005", surname:"Sparke"}]
      var dataTemp2:Array = [{id:1, extra:"extra1"}, {id:2, extra:"extra2"},
      {id:3, extra:"extra3"}, {id:4, extra:"extra4"}];

      ive to put this arrays both in a datagrid with Column [id, name, surname,

      Any suggestions???

      Thanks all!!

      Bye Rob