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    odd number display beneath text boxes


      I've opened an older InDesign document (I don't know with which version it was created) and found odd little number/letter "coordinates" [Example: 21W(13)] displayed beneath each and every text box in the document. They are the same color as the layer they inhabit, they don't disappear when I turn off invisibles,  they move with the text box,  they don't appear under image boxes, and the numbers are all different but the "W" always follows the first number.  After some experimenting I learned that the number in parens refers to character count. I can't figure out what the "number/W" signifies. I've searched all over the web for information about this and found nothing. I've checked preferences, palettes, settings, views, etc. and also found nothing. I've worked in InDesign since its inception and have never seen such a thing. The styles in the document are all messed up, I'm wondering if these numbers are causing the problem. Can they be shut off? What are they? Does this have something to do with InCopy? See screenshot below. Thanks.


      Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 3.17.08 PM.png

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          You have opened an older document? Was this an *.INX?


          A transfer between different languages (or asian e.g.) or different versions per INX could be the cause.

          Perhaps you can open this document in a CS4-version first. Or in an asian version. This should help.


          (Info: This numbers shows the textframe width and the characters length.)