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    Raw files


      Hey !


      Ican`t open my raw files in Photoshop CC. I have updated the program and tried to reinstall Photoshop.

      My Camera is Nikon 7100

      Can you help me plese ?


      Kind regards Ingolf

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Should be OK.  You need ACR 7.4 or later for the D7100 which came as an update with CS6, so CC should cover it as standard.




          Can you go Help > About plugins > Camera RAW and tell us version you see there?

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            jutlan Level 1

            I see Camera Raw version

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              That should definitely open NEF files from a D7100


              Is this with all files from that camera?


              Are you able to open them with the application that came with the camera?  Or any other app like Lightroom?  I'm wondering if the files are somehow currupted.


              See if you can upload one of the NEF files to a file sharing site like Dropbox, so someone else can try and open them.

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                jutlan Level 1

                I can open the jpeg files from my nikon D7100 and I can open raw files (NEF files) from my Camera D5000 in Photoshop. Also I can´t open NEF files from D7100 in lightroom.

                But I wiil try to send a NEF file from my D7100 to a friend !


                Thank you !

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I would guess that you have corrupted your D7100 NEFs by using an obsolete version of Nikon Transfer for View NX with them.  Obsolete versions of Nikon software are known to change something in the metadata of the NEF files that makes them unrecognizable to Adobe software.  You should only touch your new camera images with the Nikon software that it came with, not the software from your older D5000.  Or uninstall all the Nikon software altogether and just use other things to move the images from your camera or memory card to your computer.


                  To see if this is the problem, try copying a D7100 NEF from its memory card to the computer hard-drive using Finder or Explorer and see if that one opens.  If it works, which it should, then you can fix the corruption of the files that were transferred with the older Nikon programs using a utility available at the following website:



                  If this doesn't appear to be the problem, then upload one of the problem NEFs to www.dropbox.comor similar and post a public download link, here.  It doesn't have to be a photo of anything other than the lens cap or a blank wall, just something that is an NEF that doesn't work.

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                    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                    That does ring a bell, and I can remember a previous thread where Nikon RAW files had become corrupted.  Google brings up a ton of hits, so it sounds like a comon problem.

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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      It started happening with the Nikon D800 came out.  Nikon Support said that the older software was doing something to the new camera files that made them unrecognizable to Adobe products and recommended updating the software. 


                      People figured out exactly what metadata was getting changed, and Phil wrote a customized version of EXIF Tool to fix those tags and published it on his EXIF Tool website.

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                        Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                        Life is nowhere near as exciting for us Canon users. They just carry on working in the same boring way. 


                        [EDIT]  Appart from the AF issues with certain 1D bodies.