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    Unable to save a document after signing it in Adobe Acrobat Standard XI.


      I have a user who is unable to save .PDF files that he is opening in Outlook via an embedded link in the email.


      When he clicks on the link, Acrobat opens the document without issue. However, when he applies his signature and goes to save it over the existing document on our internal network file server, he gets the following message: "The document could be saved. The disk you were saving to or the disk used for temporary files is full. Free some space on this disk and try again, or save to a different disk."


      The network drive has a significant amount of space available, at least 500 gigs.



      This was not an issue up until Friday of last week. Prior to Friday, he had no issue signing documents emailed to him that contained a embedded link pointing back to the file on our internal network file server.  If I have him browse directly to the file in Windows Explorer however, he can open sign the document and overwrite the existing copy.  While that works, I would like him to regain the ability to save his file after opening it from his email; as unless I show him how to get to the file directly via Explorer, he is unable to do so. (And he has to sign many documents a day as well)


      Other users on my network are not encountering this issue, however some are running a different mix of Office and Acrobat. (Such as Office 2010  and Acrobat X, etc)


      I've researched this issue for prior versions of Acrobat and tried to applied the same resolutions for this issue without a positive result. So far I have been unable to find any solutions for this issue dealing with XI. 


      Has anyone else run ino this issue with Acrobat Standard XI? If so what did you do to resolve the issue? Thank you for any help that you can give me.


      Here is the basic setup that his computer is running:


      Windows 7 Profesional 64 bit

      Microsoft Office 2013 Professional

      Adobe Acrobat Standard XI

      Internet Explorer 9


      Also my user is has full Admin rights to his workstation and has the appropriate security rights to the folders he is trying to save the signed document to.