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    Problems iOS 7 debugging


      I am having some issues when debugging an OSMF based player  in Flash Builder / iOS Simulator. I hoping to get some advice froom Adobe team.


      I am using OS X 10.9, AIR SDK 4.0, Apache Flex 4.11.0, and Xcode 5.02, and Flash Builder 4.7.


      Problem 1) The app is not supposed to be full screen but for some reason when testing in iOS Simulator it takes over the entire screen of the device. It does not do this when installed on Android devices.


      Problem 2) A navigation button does not work properly. This button is supposed to call a method that does some work and at the end closes the app. Here is the code. It fails to do anythign in iOS but works fine in Android devices.





            <s:Button label="Exit" click="exitingApp()"/>






      private function exitingApp():void









      Any suggestions?