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    android x86 archived flash player


      Im sure this has already been asked but will intel and adobe release a fix as to why the archived flash players wont work on intel android tablets?! This is truly driving me nuts. I have an asus memopad fhd 10 and regret buying it since its intel based. Other than that its a great tablet

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          Mike M Level 6

          Flash Player is designed for Intel. Windows and Mac Flash Player Plug-ins are ONLY built for Intel architecture. There is no more Power PC Flash Player development for Mac, and there never has been an AMD specific Flash Player. The Windows plug-ins are x86 as well as x64.

          Flash Player worked with Android up until Google (Android) ended support for the technology in June of 2012. Adobe DID continue to develop and release security updates for 11.1 until September 2013, but they ended there.

          Being as Android will not be changed to be compatible with Flash Player again, Adobe willnot be pursuing any further development of the platform. With the web moving the HTML5, which requires no plug-in, it would make no sense.

          Android (Google) has browsers they recommend for viewing "Flash only" content. They use server side rendering of the content to reduce the load on your tablet's processor and save the battery.

          Dolphin and Puffin are the ones they recommend. They're free (in limited versions) in the GooglePlay store, but thay've started chafging for FULL versions. Google's intent is to discourage people using tablets and Android phones from viewing Flash content.

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            b3yondtheskies Level 1

            I understand that part but why can i install flash on an arm based android tablet but not intel. Although flash is nearly dead were not quite there yet

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              Mike M Level 6

              Don't know. To my knowledge, the Android plug-ins are OS based and not processor.