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    Question: How do I "verify" an email?



      Users with unverified email addresses cannot receive email notifications. Only those email addresses that are verified have been added.

      Make sure the users who you have shared the form file with have verified their email address and can access the form file."



      Question: How do I "verify" an email?


      I go to "invite again", and no email goes out for verification purposes to the invited party.

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          From an earlier thread in this forum:


          "You can mouse over the user down in the bottom by the "Share" button and click "Invite Again" - this will give you a URL you can copy and paste into an Email to that user letting them know that you've shared that form.  You could tell them that the account shows as "Unverified" and that if they have created an account they should try to sign in, since they are not verified that would bring up the Verification dialog which would allow them to have the verification email re-sent.  If they do not yet have an account they can create one for free from that same page (and then follow through with verifying that new account)."


          Hope that helps,