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    Organizer vanished on Prem Elements 8

    Daniel Amon

      While working with Premiere Elements 8.0 the Organizer vanished all of a sudden.   When attempting to retrieve, it flashes on, but then disappears again.   Restoring of entire PC to yesterday was unsuccesful.   Cannot locate installatin discs.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Daniel Amon


          When the Elements Organizer was apparently crashing on you, did you try to delete its settings file at its computer hard drive location?


          What did you do, format the computer without assuring that you did had backups and/or installation discs for your programs?


          You need to find your installation disc or else buy another copy of Premiere Elements 8 if you can still find a copy in stock somewhere or consider tryouting and then purchasing the current version 12.


          Do you have the purchased serial number even if you can find the installation disc?