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    Accessibility help


      I'm trying to set up an interactive flash quiz for my companies LMS and I want it to have accessibility features. For some reason JAWS won't read any of the text within the swf and when I tab to buttons it only says "tab." I checked "Make object accessible" for all text boxes and buttons. I also filled in the "Name" field of the Accessibility menu for each button. I have set tab orders for the first scene in the lab in order to test it out before I go through and set everything else up. I'm not sure what else to do. I realize flash isn't the best option for accessibility but we are stuck using it for now. One other thing, I had another co-worker test the quiz on her computer and she said JAWS would read the text in the text boxes if she clicked on the text with her mouse cursor. Obviously that won't be much help to someone who is navigating blind but I can't figure out why she can do that and I can't. I imagine that has something to do with the JAWS software itself and not how I set it up in flash. Any ideas? I've been stuck on this for the last few days and could really use some help.




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          accessibilityWindow.pngSorry to respond so late to this question. I just found it as I was looking through some old posts. One reason that a screen reader will not read content on the screen occurs if you have your content inside a movieclip. If you do not have "Make Child Objects Accessible" checked in the accessibility window, the screen reader will not see the content. Easy mistake and you can spend hours pulling your hair out trying to find out why.



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