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    cfgridupdate with cfgridrow

    muellertj Level 1
      I am using cfgridrow with a loop to diplay my query data. i am doing this so I can format my date column correctly. I can insert and delete rows to the database using cfgridupdate but it will not let me update any data that is currently in the database. When I take out cfgridrow and add my query to cfgrid it updates everything fine. What am I missing?

      My grid looks like this:
      <cfgrid name="updatedata" selectmode="edit" hrefkey="ID" autowidth="yes" bgcolor="white"
      insert="yes" insertbutton="Insert Row" delete="yes" deletebutton="Delete Row"
      <cfgridcolumn name="ID" display="no">
      <cfgridcolumn header="FarmID" name="farmid" values="#farmid#">
      <cfgridcolumn header="Date" name="datadate" values="#DateValue#">
      <cfgridcolumn header="Paddock" name="paddock">
      <cfgridcolumn header="Dry Matter" name="drymatter">
      <cfloop query="getpaddockdata">
      <cfgridrow data="#Id#, #FarmId#, #DateValue#, #Paddock#, #DryMatter#">

      My update looks like this:
      <CFGRIDUPDATE grid="updatedata" DATASOURCE="dairy" tablename="dairy.dbo.paddockdata">