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    Print preview problem


      I'm unable to get a print preview displayed prior to printing using PSE11 and a Epson Artisan 730 printer. I've ticked the print preview box but the print preview fails to appear and the printer prints the image straight away! Can anyone help?

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          Which computer you are working on then wanted to know are you able to get the print preview with the default application.

          Like if you are working on window so open the image on windows photo viewer and then try to print

          or if you are working on Mac try to print the image from the preview.

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            CheekyBud Community Member

            Hi P.K.


            I'm using windows Vista SP1. which is connected to an Epson Artisan 730.


            When trying to print from PS Elements 11 after adjusting the image I then go to File>Print> . Then from the printer's properties menu select the paper size etc. and then tick the Print Preview box, after which I then press the print button. The printer then prints the image directly without going to the Preview window first. This therefore prevents me from checking the final image prior to printing.  This printer was working fine until a couple of days ago and for some unknown reason now refuses to allow Print Preview. No other alterations or programs have been installed on the computer.


            The strange thing is that I have other printers connected to the same computer these being an HP 7160 & a Epson Stylus 1410 and both of these printers work fine and allow me to preview the print before actually printing.


            Best Regards    CheekyBud.

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              mytaxsite.co.uk ACP/MVP

              You say that your other printers when connected to your computer displays the print Preview function in PSE BUT NOT your original printer Epson Artisan 730.  I wonder if your other applications such as Word or Excel can preview the document before printing on this printer?


              Anyway, I suggest download the Epson Drivers again and install them  For Vista 32 bit the link is here:


              <https://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/support/supDetail.jsp?oid=182959&BV_UseBVCookie=yes&in foType=Downloads&platform=OSF_W_VISTA-32>


              For Vista 64 bit the link is here:


              <https://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/support/supDetail.jsp?oid=182959&BV_UseBVCookie=yes&in foType=Downloads&platform=OSF_W_VISTA-64>


              Install the correct driver and then restart the machine and see if this works.  Post back.


              The next stage will be to reset the PSE settings but first try the drivers route before doing anything else.


              Good luck.

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                CheekyBud Community Member

                Hi There,


                Thank you for the advice much appreciated, I'll give it a try.


                Regards   CheekyBud.

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                  CheekyBud Community Member

                  Hi There,


                  Thanks for your help. After downloading the drivers from the USA site I was then prompted by Epson's Aussie site (my locality) to update the firmware which I did and thanks to you both the fault has now been rectified and the printer is operating fine.


                  Thank you so much for your assistance.   Regards   CheekyBud.