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    Version Control settings

    Rosyln Dakota

      I'm a student using Dreamweaver CS5. I'm trying to upload files to a remote site. In the Remote Server pane I can't see the files under Remote Server. Just a message "To see the files in your repository, you must define its Version Control settings." How do you do that?  I've typed it into all the help fields and can't get an answer. Thanks.

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          mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6

          It could be that you haven't defined the site correctly.  First I suggest go to:


          Site >> Manage Site


          At the next window, select the site you have defined from the list.  If the list is blank then you need to define the site by clicking on the New button


          However, if the list is bot blank then just the site that is giving you the problem and then go to Version Control


          at the version Control dial;og box make sure the Access box is "None" and everything else is greyed out.




          Now save it and this should solve the the problem you are having.


          Good luck.

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            Rosyln Dakota Level 1

            That is exactly the dialog box I was having trouble with.  I followed the instructions exactly as the textbook said to manage the site. They had me create a new site, pointed at the Root folder.  In class we created a new site by pointing to a .ste file.  I guess I will have to investigate further to find out why the textbook is requesting me to create a site this way.  Thank you very much for your help and your quick response. At lease I know the Version Control dialog box was correct with the "None" and everything else greyed out. You were more help than the Adobe help sites.  Thank you.