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    Premier Elements 12 question on saving a clip


      note** this forum was pretty hard to find.


      I have a 2 gig movie but just want to save 4 short movies out of it. How is that done?


      I can't see how to select the clip in question. Nor how to save it out of the 2 gig video.


      I've spent about 3 hours in the tutorials etc and only see how to save a whole complete video.


      I can save the whole thing, but it is too large to be transportable



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The Elements Tutorial Links Page http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1275830 has links about various SHARING options

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            podx787 Level 1

            Thanks I looked the save links over there and none of them addressed my question. It seems like a pretty basic function to me. Take a section of a video and save it to disk. Not sure why it is not more prominent in the help system. How do you save a piece of a video to disk if I may ask?

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              The specific answer to your question is to trim (split your 2 GB clip) in the Preview Window with its Set In and Set Out points and then drag the trim to the Timeline from where you can export it to file in the Publish+Share/Computer/ sector of the program.


              The choice of export file type and finer details of the trimming process can be discussed once you review my blog post on such a workflow.



              The blog post is applicable to Premiere Elements 12 Windows as well as version 11.


              Another concept to become familiar with is selectively exporting parts of a Timeline content. To do that, you set the gray tabs of the WorkArea Bar to span just the area for export. The other important key to success on this is to put a check mark next to "Share Work Area Bar Only" in the export settings area. The gray tabs in place and the the "Share Work Area Bar Only" selected in export settings and you have yourself a selectively exported part of the Timeline content.


              Please review and then let us know if you need supplemental information to get started on this.





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                podx787 Level 1

                Thanks. I was slow but I was able to do this and learn something about the product. It helps to be productive on the first day out of the box. The instructions were precise.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  We are so pleased with your results. Great job.


                  Did you want to burn a segment to disc as well?


                  Do you want to burn the Timeline segment to a disc, like in data disc? Or did you want to burn the Timeline segment to DVD-VIDEO format on DVD disc, AVCHD format on DVD disc, or Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc?


                  Unlike many of the export to files choices, burn to disc does not have the option of "Share Work Area Bar Only". So, setting the gray tabs of the Work Bar Area does not have it companion "Share Work Area Bar Only" to get the selective export job done.


                  And, Premiere Elements does not burn a Timeline segment to a data disc.


                  Depending on what you want to do, you could go the selective "export to a file saved to the computer hard" route and then burn the files to a disc as data disc with 3rd party software. You might even consider selectively exporting file(s) to a USB Flash Drive. I need to think about that one some more, but I think that would work.


                  Congratulations on a great start with your Premiere Elements workflows.



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                    podx787 Level 1

                    I was saving it to a web format.  What was stumping me was the Preview/Assets areas. I didn't know they existed. Once I opened those up, I was able to place the start and end markers and save scenes. I went through a few hours of work saving formats that didn't seem to work. I didn't initially know how to clear the timeline correctly. I had to Delete and Close Gap, then use the menu from right clicking an asset to insert it to the timeline.


                    Then select the correct file format. I never quite got that right but ended up saving in the AVCHD method to the Youtube Standard format. That produced an MP4 file I could view ok from my desktop. Youtube flagged the formatting as less than desirable but uploaded the file ok.  I tried the Flash method and those were very slow to render and my desktop view didn't like them but they seemed to be of a high quality. The MPEG's all came out black. I switched to the AVCHD, and then realized I also needed to reset the timeline marker back to the start to get the actually video rendered instead of the black frames.


                    But thanks for your help and everyone elses. Getting a bit of success in the first day gives a little motivation to tackle something harder.


                    My target for the files was either a web page, Facebook, Wordpress, or Youtube. Whichever worked best so that someone else could view the video cheaply.  That turned out to be Youtube. As I experiment with the formats I might change that around.


                    I also tried Windows Movie Maker in this testing time period. It was free, but installed a lot of extra windows programs that altered how I click mailto's in web pages. And it would only play the video I was working on in a stutter. It would stop, load, and start continously, while Adobe Preimere played it fine.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Sounding very good.


                      Just a note about YouTube.


                      When you upload your Timeline content to YouTube via Publish+Share/Social Websites/YouTube, there is a limit of 2.0 GB/15 minutes.


                      You can also save your Timeline content to a file saved to the computer hard drive (for example, see Publish+Share/Computer/AVCHD and one of the YouTube presets). Then you take that saved file and upload it from there to YouTube at the YouTube web site. Only at the YouTube web site you should be able to apply for added time. But that added time is only when you are uploading at the YouTube web site not from the Premiere Elements' Social Websites/YouTube.


                      Things keep changing at YouTube.


                      Looking forward to learning of your progress.


                      Best wishes