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    Can you only put one Field in a mailDoc subject line?


      Hi folks,


      Have set up a mailDoc submit button using the tutorial that has been linked to in a few different discussions on here (the "Benny" one, you know what I mean?).


      Anyway, trying to set up a custom subject line, all good until I try to pull information from more than one text box. Is it not possible, or am I just doing the wrong thing?


      So far I have this, which works fine but I want to add "Field 1" directly after Field 2?


      // Set the subject and body text for the email message

      var cSubLine = "Form for " + this.getField("Field 2") .value



      Also, how to I put more of my own wording in bewteen the get.Fields? For example I would like the subject to say something like "Form completed by <Field 30> for <Field 2> <Field 1>"?


      I swear I am going to start dreaming about javascript, it's all I've been doing for the past week!