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    Can I assign a secondary cache location in AE CC?

    Alfred K.

      I have an SSD disk which has 20 GB of free space that AE uses for cache, and it gets full quite often and I have to empty it every ~4 hours.


      My question is can I assign a secondary location for cache for AE to store the cache files and access it from there? If I can't, is there a big difference in working speed between SSD & HDD disks regarding AE cache? (I have 2 TB of free space on an HDD disk that I can use for AE cache).



      Additional info.

      CPU (i7-2600k)

      RAM (24GB)

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          This opens up the same lengthy discussions about cache settings, MP settings, AE's render pipeline and how it all varies on a project-to-project basis all that stuff. The better question realyl is whether the disk cache actually contributes anything to your workflow in that it speeds up your previews or other things. For al lwe know you could be just as happy without any disk caches if your footage is stored on a fast drive and you only do color corrections in AE. If you get my drift: We need to know a lot more. That said, at this point AE can only use one location for cache and inevitably a magnetic platter drive can never be as fast as an SSD due to the physics involved, but depending on your preview resolution and the comp sizes that may still work well enough similar to scrubbing through TIFF sequences or other footage. In any case, just as there is a minimum recomemnded cache size there is a maximum and the program will still require flushing teh cache from time to time, maybe just not as often.



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            Alfred K. Level 1

            Most of my projects involves character animations with a composition resolution of 1920x1080 and the preview is set to (half) most of the time, and as for the duration it varies from 2 minutes and up to 6 minutes per project.



            All of the footage used are stored on an SSD, so should I change the cache location to the HDD drive or that would slow down my previews and other things?