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    Maximum width




      I have mulitple dropdown menus that needs to be on the one line (horizontally).


      As the dropdown menus have pretty long "values" within them, i have to resize the dropdown menus so that they all sit on the one line (going horizontally across the page).


      However, the user has mentioned that even thou he can select the "correct option" when clicking the dropdown menu, he cannot view the rest of the line once the dropdown has been selected?


      Is there any way to make all the dropdown fit on the 1 line and for the user to view his selection?


      What other options do I have if I want the user to view his selection?


      P.S I have already using the maximum width for the survey.




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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          Edwin,  have you widened the form to it's maximum width of 1500 px?  I know you mention that you are using the maximum width but I want to make sure.  The form can be widened by selecting the right edge of the "page" and dragging it to the right. 


          Another step that you can do is to make the font of the fields smaller and/or use a different font.  Times New Roman is quite a bit "tighter" than the other fonts.


          Hope this helps.




          Jeff Canepa

          Software Quality Engineer

          Adobe Systems, Inc.


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