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    Presenter video recording from PowerPoint has stopped working


      My Adobe Presenter 9.02 Build 173 has suddenly developed a problem where recording video from within PowerPoint has stopped working. I have Office 2013 32-bit and Windows 8.1 64 bit. I believe that Presenter installed itself automatically in the installation process as a 64-bit application.


      When I press the 'record now' icon on the Presenter toolbar, PowerPoint opens the current displayed in Slide Show view and I get the following error message:-

      "Adobe presenter has encountered unexpected problem while working with this presentation......" etc.


      This video recording feature from within PowerPoint has worked just fine on my system with the identical setup as mentioned in my opening paragraph but it's suddenly stopped working for some reason? I checked and do have the latest graphics driver.


      The stand - alone video creator tool records video outside of PowerPoint just fine but as stated, I can’t execute recording from the ‘record’ icon on the Presenter menu in PowerPoint.


      I tried the following without success:-


      1. I created a new PowerPoint file and tried to repeat the recording process
      2. I ran PowerPoint as Administrator and ran the file ‘Adobe-Pr-VC.exe’ (in C:\Program Files\Adobe) as Administrator
      3. I uninstalled and re-installed Presenter
      4. I turned off my AV software and firewall
      5. I created a new Windows Administrator account and tried video recording within PowerPoint


      Anyone have any ideas on what else I could try?



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          Welshdreamer Level 1

          Solved! In the end, the solution was simple!

          I went to the PowerPoint 2013 ribbon and clicked on 'Slide Show' and unchecked 'Use Presenter View' and video recording from within PowerPoint immediately started working fine. Previously, the 'Use Presenter View' box had a check mark in it. When you click on the record video button in Presenter, PowerPoint goes into slide show view and clearly Presenter doesn't like PowerPoint opening the Slide Show view in Presenter view.


          I picked up on this from another PC I have with PowerPoint 2013 and Adobe Presenter 9. The video recording feature worked every time on that PC and I noticed that the only difference was that the newer PC had a check mark next to 'Use Presenter View' where as the older PC setup didn't.


          So everything is working well now!

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