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    Controlling multiple formats within a single form field




      I'm new to using java and really need some help. I'm a quick learner but don't know where to start with this. I'll explain what I want to achieve and hopefully someone will be able to tell me if it is actually possible!


      here goes:


      What I need Java script to do to a pdf form field


      Allow either:


      • The form field data to be “LOC” typed in: Then automatically format BLACK FONT ALL IN CAPS.


      • The form field data to be a date: Then automatically format RED FONT ALL IN CAPS & IN THE FORMAT “DD MMM YY”


      If anything else is inputted return error message “please enter ‘loc’ or a date



      Any and all help will be greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance!

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Fist, Acrobat forms use JavaScript not the Java language.


          I would start by trying something simpler like just making a choice on different words or numbers.


          With you requirements, you will have to script for the input format to support text and date and validating the date entry. Also the provided formatting routines not not support your date formatting so you will need to create a special formatting script.