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    Wasting DVD's


      Hello all,


      I am a fairly new user to Pre 11 and having problems burning the final movie to a DVD. So far I have wasted 2 DVD's in the process and am very frustrated that this program simply does not cooperate.


      I shot video with my Nikon P7800 at the 720p 30 fps setting and dropped that into a project. Added Title and ending credits, so I ended up with about 50 minutes. Everytime I try to burn the DVD direct from Pre, it says the program stopped working and needs to close (Win7pro, 8gb ram, quad core, 2 x 500gb HD's)


      So I saved to file TS folder and that burn played on the DVD plaer, but froze at the 18 minute mark. Then i saved to mpeg and burned with Windows burner, now the video is good, but the audio plays for 3 seconds and silent for 3 seconds. What am I doing wrong?


      It's not the DVD's I am wasting, but compiling and burning takes up a lot of my time, which is the source of my frustration. All this time, getting a good looking preview and bammo, no joy on being able to veiw it on the big screen.


      Any help?


      Jimmy Bru

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you were able to output a VIDEO_TS folder full of .vob files to your hard drive, then Premiere Elements has successfully created your DVD. The problem is with your burner or, more likely, your discs themselves. This is especially likely if you are using a poorer quality brand like Memorex. (It's also possible your disc player simply can't play home-burned DVDs, although most can today.)


          Try downloading ImgBurn and using it to burn the VIDEO_TS folder to a disc. Make sure to select the option to Verify the disc after you've burned it. If ImgBurn burns your disc (and it isn't a Memorex) and then verifies it, then you've got as good a DVD as you're going to get -- and the problem is with your player.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            I use Steve's suggestions for all of my DVD-Video Projects.


            To keep from creating "coasters," I do my authoring and burning in a couple of steps:


            1. When editing is complete, I will almost always Burn to Folder.
            2. Then, I test that VIDEO_TS folder (and the IFO, BUP and VOB files within) in a DVD software player on my computer.
            3. If I am satisfied with that, my next step is to burn a disc, with ImgBurn from the VIDEO_TS folder. Here, I burn to a DVD-RW (Rewritable), to test on several DVD players, plus my computer.
            4. If I am still satisfied, I use ImgBurn to burn the final DVD-Video, on either Falcon Pro, Verbatim or Taiyo-Yuden blank media, at a slower, than max speed (something not possible, if burning directly in PrE).


            This allows me to test each Project fully, and I never get "coasters."


            Good luck,



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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Read http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1322583 for notes on installing Imgburn WITHOUT any toolbar add-ons

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                JimmyBru Level 1

                I use CDBurnerXP. Is that different from Imgburn? Nut I will give it a try. Thanks!

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                  JimmyBru Level 1

                  @ Bill - I did check the folder in WMP and it does play well. I will try burning at a slower rate.


                  Also Is it possible to put 2 movies on one disc? My other movie is a slide show about 8 minutes long.

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    To put two movies on the same disc, you must author them to the same VIDEO_TS file folder. You can't just burn two movies to the same disc.

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                      JimmyBru Level 1

                      Okay! Success on the first movie (although I wonder why burning from within PrE doesn't work) and it played through to the end, no freezes or stuttering.


                      So, Steve, I think I understand what you mean. In other words they will be in the same project, one behind the other, and markers for the different movies. I will give that a shot.



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                        JimmyBru Level 1

                        So, now that I have combined the slideshow and movie, I watched completely all the way to the end and it played. But I see some spots where some of the images are blurry and some are clear (they were all clear on the computer preview). Then the ending credits (added in PrE) are very soft looking and not as sharp as the title.


                        I am an old Photoshop user and have been greatly impressed and pleased with the way PS works and outputs. I am a new PrE user and have not been having a good experience. I wanted to upgrade from the Windows Movie Maker mode into a little more professional program, but find some of PrE's quirks to be frustrating. Am I the only one who thinks you should be able to burn correctly from within the program without having to do all these steps? Also, shouldn't the output be clear and sharp from the beginning to the end?


                        Just trying to understand what I am supposed to be looking for these days - - - -



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          Going back to your combined Project, what is the total Duration of the Timeline?


                          The reason that I ask is that the determining factor of quality (if all was done correctly in the Project setup, and any Image editing for a SlideShow) is the Bit-Rate of the Transcoding to author a DVD-Video.


                          PrE uses a 2-Pass Encoding, where the first pass is a survey of the whole Timeline, and the second pass is the actual Encoding run, taking that survey (first pass) into account, to get the highest Bit-Rate, per the settings, and size of DVD disc. If max. Quality can be achieved for all footage, then it's as good as it gets. However, if the Duration is long enough, then PrE tries to apply a higher Bit-Rate for footage, where there is motion, but then drops the Bit-Rate down, for static passages, to fit everything onto the disc. Titles (unless animated) are static, so their Bit-Rate can be lower, and that might show up.


                          If your total Duration is around 1 hour, then you should have the highest possible Bit-Rate (around 8MP/s) for everything. If the Duration is much over 90 mins., then something has to give (lower Bit-Rate), to fit that Timeline onto a blank disc.


                          Good luck, and please let us know about the Duration of the combined Project.



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                            JimmyBru Level 1

                            Thanks for the help Bill. The total duration is around 53 minutes. But I added the slide show that I had saved as an mpeg file. I think I will start from scratch with that slide show part and add it piece by piece on the end of the video I have. Maybe that will smooth out all the wrinkles.


                            Thanks again for your assistance.



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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              Thank you for that information.


                              With that Duration, your DVD-Video Encoding should be at the highest possible Quality.


                              Let's take a quick look back at your Project - the one that is combined from other existing Projects:


                              1. What were the Project Settings of those original Projects?
                              2. When you output a Video file from each Project's Timeline, what settings did you use?
                              3. For the combined Project, what Project Setting was used there?


                              That should give us something to work with, as to why your quality is not the best.


                              Good luck,



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                                JimmyBru Level 1

                                Hey Bill, sorry I haven't gotten to respond to this yet, but we have been fighting the cold and flu malaise here at home.


                                I guess for all the settings you are asking for, I would have to answer 'default' for the most part. I may feel better tonight to be able to start from scratch again, so what settings do you suggest?


                                Thanks again!

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                                  The most important thing, at this point, is for you to get better! We'll be around, when you are, so do not worry about taking a few days off to recover.


                                  As for the Project Settings, with the Project Open, you can determine that right from PrE. Remind us which version of PrE you are using, and we can tell you where to find that info. Also, IIRC (maybe I just assumed this?), you are in NTSC-land (US primarily), rather than PAL-land (UK, most of Europe, Oceania, etc.). That determines the exact Frame Size, and FPS.


                                  Then, for the authoring/burning to DVD-Video, one has fewer options for Settings, but probably the most important one is the Bit-Rate of the Transcoding, seen as "Quality." Within those Settings, this is seen as "Quality," and can be adjusted with "Fit Contents to Disc," or if that is unchecked, by the Quality slider.


                                  Again, just take it easy, get well, and when you have healed, we can get right back to the issue. Now, with old guys, such as myself, you might have to jog "old" memories a bit, so be patient with a few of us...


                                  Get well,