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    Pop up menus

      I am using in a test page a fireworks created popup menu and it works and looks fine. The only problem is the mouse pointer turns into an I bar instead of staying like a mouse pointer.

      Here is what the actual fireworks html MENU looks like
      Here is what it looks like in a Test Page

      I am going to post this over to the Dreamweaver forum too because maybe it is a Dreamweaver issue
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          I think they always look like that. Try using images rather than text as your popup menu buttons and choose one of the simple styles so that it looks the same, then the links will look like a hand.
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            webbdawg Level 1
            Thanks, I was looking at the website for the Nod32 antivirus program and I noticed their menus are doing the same thing with the I bar. It made me think that maybe this is acceptable but I know better.

            I was looking throught the java script ( I am not a real good at java ) and was wodering if there was somewhere where you could insert some code to say something like "mouse='default'" or the like.

            Does anyone know if this would work and what the code would be??