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    ADE crashes

    Laker Level 1

      I have loaded ADE several times as well as ADE 2.0. It loads and opens a window. When I click on anything in the window (file, Library, etc.) the program crashes and I get an error message telling me that Windows has detected a problem and needs to close ADE. How do I resolve this. I am using Windows XP with all current updates installed.

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          Dominic Michael Adobe Employee

          Can you try the below mentioned steps?

          1) Quit ADE if it is running.

          2) Take backup/move the books from "My Digital Editions" folder in Documents folder to a different location.

          3) Launch ADE

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            Laker Level 1

            Thanks Dominic - ADE now stays running - the only book in the folder was the one with the ADE software entitled "Getting started with Adobe" . I now get a message in the bookshelf window telling me the book is missing. As per your instruction, I moved it from the folder (I placed it on my desktop). Should I now move it back to a folder (which one) and how should I go about adding other Epubs so that the program doesn't crash again?

            I look forward to replies. I would like to start borrowing books from our local library and inturn read them on my KOBO.

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              Dominic Michael Adobe Employee

              So one of the downloaded book might be causing the crash. Now move the books back to the My Digital Edition folder.


              In case if the crash occurs again, move the one by one to sort out the books causing the issue.


              Hope this helps you.

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                joeh123456 Level 1

                Could you explain the last detail more please as it hasn't worked for me