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    ADE crashes


      I have loaded ADE several times as well as ADE 2.0. It loads and opens a window. When I click on anything in the window (file, Library, etc.) the program crashes and I get an error message telling me that Windows has detected a problem and needs to close ADE. How do I resolve this. I am using Windows XP with all current updates installed.

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          Dominic Michael Adobe Employee

          Can you try the below mentioned steps?

          1) Quit ADE if it is running.

          2) Take backup/move the books from "My Digital Editions" folder in Documents folder to a different location.

          3) Launch ADE

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            Laker Level 1

            Thanks Dominic - ADE now stays running - the only book in the folder was the one with the ADE software entitled "Getting started with Adobe" . I now get a message in the bookshelf window telling me the book is missing. As per your instruction, I moved it from the folder (I placed it on my desktop). Should I now move it back to a folder (which one) and how should I go about adding other Epubs so that the program doesn't crash again?

            I look forward to replies. I would like to start borrowing books from our local library and inturn read them on my KOBO.

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              Dominic Michael Adobe Employee

              So one of the downloaded book might be causing the crash. Now move the books back to the My Digital Edition folder.


              In case if the crash occurs again, move the one by one to sort out the books causing the issue.


              Hope this helps you.

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                Could you explain the last detail more please as it hasn't worked for me

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                  garye26969389 Level 1

                  Why has Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.7 stopped working on my Windows 10 version 1709? It was working; and now it's not. Doesn't show my bookshelves or the books on them. When I click on my Nook, the program gives me an error window that says ADE has encountered a problem and will now close. Very frustrating! I have uninstalled/installed several times with the same result. This just happened in the past week.

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                    I have same problem!

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                      annetteh45548973 Level 1

                      When I try and transfer a book from ADE to my NOOK, an empty message box appears and ADE freezes up. When I click the corner to close it, a dialog box informs me that it has encountered a problem, which was already obvious.

                      There's an Overdrive page that helpfully tells us that "Newer versions of Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) may sometimes crash or freeze on your Windows computer, including Windows 10, when you're trying to download or transfer eBooks." OverDrive | What to do if Adobe Digital Editions is ...


                      Surely Adobe must be aware and something can be done about it?

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                        garye26969389 Level 1

                        OK, so I have monitored both the Adobe and Microsoft forums on this since I first reported the problem last month and I see no movement to research/solve the problem. You have indicated it is a known issue and I see other people are reporting it. I have to assume they don't care. I'll look around for any other S/W that can download library loans and port them over to my Nook. I can no longer recommend this s/w to my library.

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                          Could you please give a hint, as soon as you found such a program?

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                            I have same problem. Will download to ADE but not transfer to Nook Glowlight III using the usb cable 

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                              garye26969389 Level 1

                              Certainly. May be a while, though. I'm tramping the Australian Outback and data connections are few and slow. I will try to report this problem to my library, the Las Vegas-Clark County Library System. It's quite a large system and I'm sure they will be interested. Also, I just took an Adobe "how are we doing?" survey and mentioned this problem.


                              I would hope that anyone who comes up with a solution would put it on the forum.

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                                Adobe Digital Editions consistently crashes:


                                1. Installed ADE 4.5.7

                                2. Open ADE 4.5.7

                                3. ADE opens with a blank white screen, nothing more, no solutions.


                                To resolve:

                                1. I deleted "My Digital Editions" folder. Same blank screen appears.

                                2. I uninstalled 4.5.7 (restarted computer) re-installed using ADE 3.0. Same blank screen appears.

                                3. I uninstalled 3.0 (restarted computer) re-installed using ADE 2.0.1. Same blank screen appears.

                                4. Read Adobe forums, no solutions to problem.


                                Any help is much obliged!

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                                  garye26969389 Level 1

                                  No solution so far. However, I checked on the MS support page and learned that MS blasts two (version) updates/year (March/September). If your last update was in September you have v.1709. I expect a new version this month (should be v.1803). I will wait until my computer downloads this update and try again (latest ADE is 4.5.8. However, it appears no version will work right now.)


                                  Anyone with a proven solution please post here.

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                                    This has been driving me crazy for months. So there's nothing we can do?? I have completely deleted everything from adobe on my computer and formatted my nook then reinstalled everything and I'm STILL not able to fully download a book. It seems some work and other don't. Same formats borrowed from the same library. I don't understand!

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                                      cole2585 Level 1

                                      What if this doesn't solve the problem!? I also tried removing each book individually. I also tried completely deleting everything and starting fresh with a different book. No luck. What do I do now?

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                                        cole2585 Level 1

                                        I THINK I may have found a work around for this! I had to unauthorize my computer on ADE 4.5 and uninstall. Then, I searched ALL drives on my computer for ANY files containing ADE or Digital Editions and deleted everything that came up and emptied the recycling bin. Then, I downloaded ADE 3 here Adobe Digital Editions downloads. I authorized my computer using my OverDrive account, NOT Adobe. I was not able to download books I had tried to download in the previous version of ADE because they had been fulfilled by another device BUT if I returned them and borrowed again, they worked!! I hope this helps you!

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                                          ADE 4.5.8 doesn't crash on win 10 machine, but it doesn't open my book either.  It goes into Non-responsive mode.  It did open the manual that was installed with it, just not the book I purchased which I had to download it for.