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    Solution to ALL Connection Problems

      Hi All,

      I've been strugling for a very long time with some clients (with connection problems with isa server and other servers). I now finally got them connected!

      The trick? Use Novell NetDrive to connect to your WebDav or FTP server and map it as a drive letter (not unc path or network location) and then configure Contribute to use Local/Network as location for the files! Works like a charm.

      So anyone with connection problems with ftp in a network behind a firewall or proxy it will almost always work for you! I also seems to have a little advantage in speed of transferring files.

      find netdrive via:
      http://www.bcuc.ac.uk/main.asp?page=2117 or http://www.acs.uwosh.edu/novell/netdrive.htm or look it up on google

      I hope this can help people, if it does please leave a message!

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          So do I need FTP software or will just Contribute with Novell Netdrive work?
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            I was wondering if you would be able to help as the connection setting you are suggesting sounds very similar to what i have but still have problems. I am having problems re-connecting people in Contribute. We use Microsoft isa server and which we map to a local drive for connection.

            We have users that were using Contribute fine for few weeks and then say they didn’t use Contribute for 2-3 weeks and tried to go back in to do more work, it would come up with an error message that the connection is no longer valid. Then they go and use the connection key to reconnect to Contribute just like they’ve done the first time, it comes up with an error message saying
            “Contribute cannot verify your connection key. Please contact your administrator for assistance.” But the key is ok, even if I create a new key for the same role they still get the same error.

            Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I have been battling with Contribute for the past couple of months now.
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              This sounds likes like a great idea, but I have a question. When you send a connection key to a user, does't the user you're sending this to need to have this Novell NetDrive software also installed on their machine with the same drive letter mapped in order for the user to find the files on the server?