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        Its on the CD jacket you got from Adobe one in the E-mail fro Adobe it is also recorded in you account when you activate the product which you can see in your web browse sign in to Adobe.com and click on the My product link then click on the product you need your key for.


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          MGlsys Level 1

          Thanks for ur answer.


          Adobe online and the email dont help me, i have to much license. Same way for the jacket.

          I need to extract them.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Good luck... Remember user here are not Adobe Employees no one here can help you with your Adobe licenses. You should keep contacting Adobe till you get someone that can help you with your licenses.  If they have them record they can help if not on record they may require proof of purchase from you.

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              MGlsys Level 1

              Actually all my photoshop are installed and work fine. Maybe im not clear, sorry for this, my english is poor.

              I want to extract the license key, from my already installed photoshop cs5 or 6.

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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                If your products are activated then the keys should be recorded in your Adobe account in that use the screen captures I showed above as a guide to retrieve your keys from where they are recorded.  I do not believe your keys are recorded on your machine even in your activation credentials written to you machine by Adobe Activation servers. They are recorded into you Adobe Account My Products.  I do not even know where Adobe hides your products activation credentials on your machines. All I known is they survive un-install for a reinstall does not require activation. However credentials do not survive a disk format. So need to deactivate before reformatting you system disk. So Adobe hides your credentials somewhere on your boot disk.



                When you click on the My Products link and the Page first loads it will not show your products you need to wait a small amount of time for their web server to retrieve your product information.  Then you should see your CS5 and CS6 listed. They may be listed as Photoshop 12 and Photoshop 13.


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