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    Text is pixelating


      I have an Indesign page with an image (jpg) on it. On top I have a text box using Helvetica LT. If I add an effect to the image the text appears to go bold and pixelate. When I PDF the file the text is pixelated. Take the effect off and the text retruns to normal. In addition, if I add a psd file (psd as I need a transparency on it) on top of the first image, with no effects,  I get the same problem with the text and same problem with PDF. Again if I take out the psd the text returns to normal. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Baz

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          UpStyleDesign Level 1

          I assume you are seeing the pixellation in an outputted PDF? Your text is being rasterized due to transparency being used. Put the text on a higher layer, or make sure it is higher in the stacking order than the image and your problem should be fixed. If you output to PDF 1.4 and higher this won't happen as the the PDF will not be flattened.

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            Baz@DB Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.

            Yes that is correct I am seeing pixellation in the outputed PDF (as well as in the InDesign file).


            On the page, if I view my layers the text box is the top/first layer.


            I have tried outputting on all the default presets - File, Adobe PDF presets - and all the PDF text is pixellated. I also have some custon presets of various qualities and they are the same too. I have also tried File, Export, Format Adobe PDF (Print). Is there another way to achieve the output as PDF 1.4 and higher that I am missing?


            I have also tried outlining the text before bringing in the psd or apply the effect but even on the outlined text I see the same pixellation.