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    Keywords converted to places?

    leonardvd Level 1

      I just converted from E11 to PE12 and one of my projects shows an error when I try to assign it to an album. I am not yet familiar with the new product, but want to get everything in place before I migrate.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Can you be more specific as to which program, in the Elements family, you are running into problems with?


          There is Photoshop Elements (image editor), Premiere Elements (video editor) and then Elements Organizer (a cataloging program, with some other powers). I think that you are referring to Elements Organizer, but your clarification will be very helpful.


          Good luck, and please let us know a bit more.



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            leonardvd Level 1



            I am new to forums as well as Elements so I was brief just to see what happened. Thank you for your quick response.


            My full situation is this:


            My problem is with the Organizer. I have had Elements 11 for a year or so, using it to make slide shows of my travels. Because I am now shooting some videos as well as stills, I recently purchased  Premiere Elements 12 and began by converting my Elements 11 catalog into the updated organizer. When it was completed, I noticed than many of my keywords were converted to 'places' with their non-place sub categories following. I guess this happened because the keywords in my original list were indeed names of places, but an explanation of this would be useful.


            My question, however, lies in the situation that one of my slide show projects had not yet been assigned to an album or given a keyword (which in my case denotes the subject matter of the slide show) before I converted the data base. Now, in the new organizer, some old removed keywords keep reappearing on that project file and any attempts on my part to drag the project into a new 'places' keyword  results in no action. Also, if I try to drag it into an album, I get an error. Saving this project under another name has not helped.  So, my question is “Why can't I drag a fully functional project slide show into an existing album nor into a 'place' keyword?” Note that many other projects converted correctly.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Thank you for that information. I do not use Elements Organizer, so am not qualified to really help. However, this forum has several "regulars," who DO use Elements Organizer, such as Steve G., Neale and ATR. They will likely be by in a bit, and can very likely help you with your question.


              Good luck, and give them time to see this thread - they can help you.