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    A Designer with a H/Parallax and a bag of goodies


      Hello, hopefully theres a person who knows the location to these - or can answer them???


      Started using EA last week, and from a PS and AI background and I love it.


      But I have an issue with the concept that is taken shape, and now I cannot complete it for client on time.


      So I have all the artwork for a:


      • Horizontal Parallax moving Interactive Inforgraphic -
      • My stage is 600px H and 4000px W, with 5 seperate background colours 800px w each, which I would like to scroll though (horizontally ---no vertical movement)
      • So how do I activate horizontal scrolling???
      • I would also like a Next & Previous (forwards - backwards) button on each page which are clickable (mine aren't doing that!)
      • And finally on the base of the inforgraphic I require a contant measurement of your location and the page your on, so you can click 2 pages back if you wish.


      I was thinking about Adobe Muse - but I don't want a seperate URL - client wants this to be embeded on their website.


      If someone can provide a similar example, and tell me how to adapt to draw in my elements and symbols?


      Many thanks,


      PS - I've been added script from EdgeCommons on Parallax....am I doing it wrong?



          load: "http://cdn.edgecommons.org/an/1.1.2/js/min/EdgeCommons.Parallax.js",

                callback: function() {



                          EC.Parallax.setup(sym, "horizontal");





      // Show an Element


      Many thanks!!!!