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    Multiple Selection Field Type


      how do i change a multiple selection field type to place what i've entered to side-by-side instead of vertical?  i've un-checked "stack choices verticallly" and even made the column smaller but it's not moving anything. 

      Multiple Selection Field Type.PNG

      ANY IDEAS??

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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



          The labels in your choices are too long to be positioned in the side-by-side layout. We don't currently allow you to control over the amount of horizontal space allocated for a choice label. The current behavior is that a choice grows to be as wide as its label, with the width of the form being the only limiting factor.




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            jcanepa Adobe Employee

            The default width for all of the choices in a Single/Multiple selection field is the width of you longest choice label (as you have seen).  In order for you to get side by side you will need to make your form wider and then make the multiple selection field wider.

            • Click and drag on the right edge of the form to widen the form page
            • Click and drag on the right border of the Multiple Select field to widen it.


            If these steps do not work then the next step would be to use a font size smaller and/or change font to Times New Roman (which is narrower than other fonts).



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