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    Can part of text in Textarea invoke actionscript?

      Is is possible to make text inside of a Textarea component actuall close the Textarea itself? I have been using a Textarea component to dynamically add a bunch of formatted text into it, based on an object that was clicked. Initially, this Textarea does not show up, but when clicking the other object, it shows up with the necessary information. However, I now have no way to close/hide this.

      I added some text at the top right of the Textarea that says "Close", and I would like the user to be able to click on this to close/hide the Textarea "window". How can I do this? Are there other ways besides what I am trying to do? All I really want to be able to do is call the following piece of code:

      myTextarea.visible = false;

      Ideally, if this can be done, I would like the cursor to change to the hand, so it is obvious to the user that this is in fact clickable.

      I am getting pretty desparate, so any help would be greatly appreciated!