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    Advise for buttons....

      Hi!... I'll try to explain my problem:
      I created a menu as "accordion". Structure of menu is:

      Scene1 > mc_1 > button_number1
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>> mc_2 > button_number2
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> mc_3 > button_number3
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> button_number4
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> button_number5

      [Note: "mc_xxx" allude to MovieClip and "button_xxx" allude to normal buttons].

      Ok!... Menu function perfectly, but (always but) I need to include more buttons in "mc_2" so if click in "button_number2" buttons in "mc_3" hide.

      The way to hide buttons is very easy; simple alpha '0' and movements. So, How I can to add simple lines to hide it?

      In advance, thanks you by help!...