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    HELP! RAM Preview needs 2 or more frames error CS6


      Hello there, I just got struck by this issue and have been wasting days trying to resolve. Yes, I've looked at every FAQ, recommended tweaks, updates, system restarts, etc. and am at the end of the line as far as solutions go.


      I need some expertise here, especially since there is no phone supprt.


      Here's my system info:


      Dell Server (PET320)

      12 core Xeon processors (Intel Xeon CPU e5-2420 0 A 1.90 GHz)

      32 GB RAM

      64-bit Windows Server 2088 R2 Standard


      I've got 6 7200 rpm disks confirgured in a RAID 5(?) with two separate drive sections for rendering (It's set up primarily for Premiere Pro ... preview and captures)


      After Effects CS6

      Under Memory & Multiprocessing

      Installed RAM 32

      RAM reserved for other apps: 6 GB

      Available for After Effects:26 GB

      Reduce cache when memory is low: CHECKED

      Render mult frames simultaneously: CHECKED

      Installed CPUs:12

      CPUs reserved for other apps: 4

      RAM allocation per background CPU: 2GB

      Actual CPUs being used: 8


      GPU into:

      Quadro 600 v.2.1.2

      Total memory 977MB



      The project I'm having trouble with is an extremely simple lower thrids animation with just a couple solids.

      I have other projects that are more complicated, and have no issues.


      Is there any other info I can provide to give more insight? If so, please let me know.


      I need to get this project completed and am at a total standstill. Again, I've gone through every faq, article on this problem, tweak related to this and nothing.