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    ADE v Blackwell




      I have purchased a new laptop as my old one suddenly died. I had ADE installed on my old computer which I used to open eBooks I purchased from Blackwell (UK). I have recently installed ADE on my new laptop using the same Adobe ID I used to authorise my old laptop. However, the books I purchased are no longer in my library. I tried to download them again but get the error - Error getting licenese, already fulfilled by another user. I contacted Blackwell to ask if they could send the files again, as new, so that I could authorise them. They advised that maybe I didn't authroise my old laptop and instead, the books were authroised to the computer, rather than my ID. Adobe advise that I contact Blackwell to get them to reset the activasion for the eBook. I don't know who to turn to.


      This seems to be getting a bit technical for me and just wanted a bit of advice from the experts - you guys!


      I hope the above makes sense and you can help.



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          Dominic Michael Adobe Employee

          The reason is you might have authorized without an ID.


          Authorizing without an ID

          If you choose to authorize without an ID, ADE will enable reading of the book only on your computer. You will not be able to read it on other eReader devices or other computers (or the same computer if you re-install). If you don’t plan on moving your books to other computers (or re-installing), this approach will work for you.


          When you authorize without an ID warning message will be thrown saying