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    Can I change what layer is used to name a Smart Object?

    Phoensoul Level 1

      I really love smart objects, and in particular I appreciate being able to combine a layer and its adjustment layers into a single smart object. However, when I create smart objects from multiple layers this way, I end up with names like "Hue/Saturation 31" and "Curves 16". Is there a way to set Photoshop to name the smart objects based on the primary layer, so I don't lose the layer names that actually indicate what's in the smart object?


      For example, I do a lot of editing and combining groups of "selfies" that people send me. Once I extract them from their backgrounds, I bring them into a single file, with each "selfie" named with the name of the person pictured. So, for example, I'd have a Jane Doe layer, a John Smith layer, etc. Then I add adjustment layers to each one, to match their exposure and color as much as possible. Then, if any of the adjustment layers are not applied evenly to the entire smart object, I combine the smart object and its adjustment layers into a new smart object, so I can move and scale it easily without messing up the alignment of the combined layers. However, then I have to go back to the original files to know who is who.


      Smart objects work much better than linked layers, but all the extra steps necessary to re-name them are driving me nuts. Does anyone have a solution?