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    Help with Dynamic Text boxes


      I've drawn a dyamic text box on the stage and am manually entering text into it. Reason being, I'm trying to embed the font in the Flash file, and this is the only way I know how

      Here's what I'd like to do:

      - Create a scrollable text box
      - Embed specific font
      - Be able to underline/bold/hyperlink certain keywords in the text box
      - Be able to embed an image in the paragraph so that it can scroll as well
      - Justify text on both sides
      - NOT import HTML text from an external file, or encode an HTML string into a TextArea box

      Any help or links to posts/tutorials would be greatly appreciated!
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          animee Level 1

          I'm not sure if i understand your problem.
          You need html tags to manipulate text (underline/bold/italic). Embedding an image inside a dyn textbox needs Html, too.
          Search for "TextFormat" in the Flash Manual and you'll find all the tags you may need.
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            MacGyver_971 Level 1

            Thanks for getting back to me. I'm aware of how to link HTML text to a textbox. However, I can't use a "tags-based" approach. I'm typing text directly into a Dynamic Text box I drew on-screen. I can Bold or Italic text, since the icons are shown in the Properties toolbar. However, Underline isn't there. So, when I have a link, for example, there's no way to underline the text (and not by using the </u> tags). Does this make sense?

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              animee Level 1
              No, there's no other flashinternal possibility. You must use the <u> tag.

              But you could clone the fontface you use and add underscores to all glyphs.
              Then you can change the underline stat by changing the fontface for the selection you want to underline.
              I've done that before and it worked very well for me.

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                MacGyver_971 Level 1
                Thanks very much for the help. I actually thought about this idea soon after my last post.

                What application did you use to quickly add an underline feature to any particular font?

                Strange how Bold and Italic would be native formatting, but not underlining...