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    Calculation errors

    csb102155 Level 1

      Hello all, it's me again....

      The form I'm having fits over is located here:  https://files.acrobat.com/preview/b13eb492-d943-481b-aca7-7c8aa502f14b


      The problem I'm having are with the totals at the right lower corner of the second page. 


      For factors A-Y, DS Sum is the total of all mathematical values assigned to each factor.

      DSA is the average by taking the DS Sum and dividing it by the count which is the number of factors evaluated.


      Z-AC is the same as above


      DSB is the total mathematical values assigned to all factors,

      the Average is the DSB / Text 19c, which is the total of Text 19a and Text19b.


      The owner wants whole numbers.


      The error messages I keep getting is:  The value entered does not match the format of the field.  Also, in the example I provided, It doesn't calculate correctly.  The Support Sum is 16, divided by 4, and the answer should be 4 - not 5.


      All the counts and the sums seem to add up fine, it's just when I get to this area where I am runnng into problems.  Can I get a pair of fresh eyes to look at this and see why I'm not able to get this to calculate correctly?


      thanks much.