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    InDesign paragraph styles

    Davis_XI Level 1

      Is there anyway of altering multiple paragraph style in one go? An example would be to turn off contextual alternatives in every paragraph style without having to go into each one individually.


      Many thanks

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          Daniel Flavin Level 4

          Ideally you base Para styles upon another style. "Parent and Child"


          Para 1 defines the bulk of the project (perhaps)

          Para 2 is based on Para 1 as shown it's "Based On" from the general tab.


          Any modification to Para 1 carries over to Para 2 excepting attributes which have already been modified.


          So, if all (or some) styles were based upon a another style than change to Parent Style.


          If no styles are based on another, but could be, consider carefully deleting those, retain formatting during the delete, build them based on and go forward.