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    Save as PNG - increases file DPI??


      Why does Photoshop increse the dpi of my document when I save? If I create a document at 96 dpi or any dpi for that matter why does it feel the need to change on save? How can I prevent this from happening? It's only .png that is doing this.


      I've been asked to make the transparnt elements for a touch screen keiosk. When the programer imports them to his project that little extra .012 to the dpi screws up the final placement of my elements.


      Please help!!!

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          PNG specifies the resolution in pixels per meter as an integer. The conversion from ppi to ppm can have some inaccuracy, plus the truncation to an integer.  Photoshop CC tries to recognize near integer resolutions in ppi and snap them to an integer resolution.  Older versions of Photoshop used exactly what was in the PNG file, which might be off due to the conversion and storing an integer.