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    Editing F4V in Premiere?

    dmennenoh Level 3

      I am using FMS 4.5 to record a live webcam stream. Because of the poor quality when recording both video and audio on one stream, I use two NetStreams and end up with two .f4v files - one with the video and one with the audio. I need to now combine these into one proper video file. However, these files don't import into Premiere (which is really lame) - giving an unsupported compression error or some such nonsense. Can someone please let me know how I can combine these files, and why the heck Adobe's own products can't open the files.

      Also, I use Windows 8 and the Camera app (metro app) can record 1920x1080 video with great quality audio, at 30fps. FMS cannot come even close to this... WHY? Really wish Adobe would fix this.