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      Can someone help me, I need some pictures edited. I want the background changed to white and the picture just made to look abit more proffetional. The picture is of a tutu. If you can help please let me know. Thank you [Personal data removed for privacy - Hunt]

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Most of the "regulars" here actually have "day jobs," and just volunteer their time here, to help other users.


          However, and from time to time, some of those regulars will help one do their editing with detailed instructions. Then, the user ends up getting the job done, and learns Ps, at the same time.


          1. Do you have Ps already?
          2. If so, what version, and on what OS version are you running it?
          3. Can you attach the Image(s), that you would be working with? Note: the little "camera icon" in the Toolbox of the forum editing screen, will allow you to attach a JPEG, or PNG, so that others can see what you have, and get an idea of what you need.


          Also, as the Adobe Forums are open, and as spam'bots crawl all over them, it is never a good idea to list your e-mail accounts, as those will be harvested by the spam'bots, and your InBox quickly filled up. It is much better to use the Adobe Forum PM (Private Message) system for communications, and any subscriber can click on your avatar/profile and choose Send Private Message. I will remove your e-mail account info, to keep the spammers for getting it.


          Let us know a bit more, and showing an example of what you are talking about, will be very useful.


          Good luck,