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    How do I calculate the a grandtotal field adding 3 numberic values that are calculate in the form


      Currently I am creating a form:


      Hours 1 (manually entered)Rate 1 (manually entered)Hours 1 * Rate1
      Hours 2 (manually entered) Rate 2 (manually entered)Hours 2 * Rate 2
      Hours 3 (manually entered) Rate 3 (manually entered) Hours 3 * Rate 3
      Grand Total of three columns above


      Currently I wrote the formcal as:

      sum (Amount_Total1, Amount_Total2, Amount_Total3)

      however when I check the form, I get an error message that says that Grand Total is unknown and Amount_Total1 is unknown however, the Amount_Total1 field does calcuate the total of hours1 X rate1.


      what am I doing wrong?


      Currently I'm using LiveCycle ES 8.2