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    Why do imported photos fade out and back in during duration?

    DP Thesingh

      I am creating my first photo slideshow in Premiere Elements 11. I have imported 25 photos, added a text clip with fade transitions to the beginning and end, put in a background music track and edited the photo clips to match the song. The photos when imported were 5 seconds 0 frames long, and ended up being 7 seconds 24 frames long. I wanted each photo to fade in and out, so I right-clicked on each clip and selected Fade In and Out.


      The initial fade in works fine, but then on the majority of photo clips (not the text clips, interestingly enough) it fades to black in the middle and then fades back in. Nine clips fade out at the original 5 second length and then fade back in 1 sec 22 frames later. Nine dim briefly around 6.5 seconds but not completely to black before fading in again. Seven do not have the problem. I thought it was the Fade In and Out working improperly so I went back and removed it, but that just removed the fade and the beginning and end, not the middle. I thought maybe rendering would make it go away, but no such luck.


      How do I get the mystery fade to go away?