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        JJMack Most Valuable Participant

        Could be done with a pattern fill and a gradient

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          That has the perfect outline to make into a Shape layer with those sharp corners, and I would feel compelled to work with vectors as far as was possible, because thos sharp corners would quickly become degraded with rasterized graphics.  There are also various ways to create the fill pattern, but you wouldn't be able use the Pattern tool in conjunction with the Paint bucket tool, if using Shape layers.


          The steps I used for this was to zoom way in to a single pattern element, and create a work path around it with the Pen tool.

          Then Layer > New Fill layer > Solid colour (and sample the colour from your graphic)


          I made three copies of the resulting shape layer, and placed one at the top position and another at the bottom, and used the spacing tools in the Options bar with the Move tool.


          In your case, the shapes are smaller towards the bottom, so select all the shape layers, and Free Transform > Perspective to make that happen.


          I then made those layers a Smart Object, so I could make a bunch of copies, and space across the page.


          The fade towards the bottom was done by grouping all the Smart Object layers, and adding a layer mask to that group, and running a gradient up the mask.


          A nice way to make an array, providing the elements are all the same size, and placed on a regular grid, is the Array generator in Dmonzon tools.