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    A fireworks skin for Photoshop


      Is there one? Can somone make one? I used fireworks for over 2 years and have prefered it due to the simple layout. But now as it's no longer supported by adobe i'd like to move over to Photoshop, but the ui is completely foreign an dI don't wish to learn it all over again.

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          Herbert2001 Level 4

          No. Cannot be done - Photoshop's GUI is, except for some basic changes like dark to light and some other basic settings, not "skinnable". You can try to set up a workspace that more or less places palettes in the same place as FW, but do not expect too much.


          The workflow is just quite different. As are the tools, and the way they work (not in all cases, though).


          But with your experience in FW you should be able to learn PS reasonably quick. You will be missing many useful features, though.