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    using wpaint.js on edge


      Hello, comrades


      i'm looking for a way to use wpaint.js inside a symbol on adobe edge...


      in the original wpaint.js we have this in the index.html


      <div class="content-box">

                  <div id="wPaint" style="position:relative; width:500px; height:300px; background:#CACACA; border:solid black 1px;"></div>



      this brings you the whiteboard for drawing and stuff but it places it in the upper left side of the window... i really want to be able to put it inside an edge symbol


      i'm using the version 1.14.0 https://github.com/websanova/wPaint/archive/v1.14.0.zip (dowload it here)


      i was trying to use yepnope and append to a rectangle shape made with the rectangle tool in edge but i really want some guidense here.... i'm lost... very lost here...


      thanks for your time and sorry about my english..