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    Limited to Unlimited Responses


      Hi, one of my forms is still restricted as a free form, but I have a paid account. Can I change this?



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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee

          Hi Caroline,


          Support for the various paid features within a form is tied to the subscription level of the form author. Is it possible that the form was shared with you?




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            carocdcd Level 1

            Hi Brian

            Yes, that is exactly it.

            My first form was made by someone else for me. She then shared it with me - we assumed that made it "mine".

            I didn't realize that first authorship (email ID associated with the form) is what determines subscription level.

            So now I have two problems

            1) the one I have alredya described

            2) I also contracted with someone to convert a number of my business intake forms into fillable forms through Adobe forms central. Because I was still unaware of this restriction, all those forms have this person as the first author. I need them to be able to have unlimited reponses (my level) not less than 50 (his level)

            How can I remedy this situation, since sharing them obviously doesn't do the trick? 

            I assume in future a person who is working for me must use my log in email and pw to give me authorship?

            How do companies with employees who build their forms for them work this out? Mine is a very small company and I use subcontractors for this kind of thing sometimes.

            Thanks for any help you can give me