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    Elements do not show up in edge file but they do in HTML file; no errors occured


      I am a senior in college working on building a website for a fictional company for a year-long thesis graphic design project. In my class last semester, I learned how to use Edge Animate and created an 11 page website without any trouble. I had always kept the files saved to my flash drive, and kept a backup on my personal laptop as well as on my external hard drive. There was also a backup of the files on a disc that I turned into my professor in mid-December. All of these files worked fine at the time.


      In early January, I wanted to make changes to the website so I installed a trial version of Edge Animate on my laptop. When I opened any of the edge files from any of the backups, the stage was blank and the animations did not show up on the timeline. The elements of the website still show up in the Library but they are no longer arranged on the stage. When I got back to school at the end of January, I tried opening the files on the school computers and had the same problem. I asked my professor to try the file that was saved to the disc and he encountered the same issues on his computer. All of these computers are either iMacs or Macbook Pros.


      I have not recieved any error messages and did not do anything to corrupt the files or save over them. I am able to open the html files in a browser with no issues; all animations and images work fine. The only change I can think of is that Edge may have been updated over break and when I installed the trial version I installed a newer version, and for some reason the new version of the program could not properly load my project that I started on a older version in October or November of 2013.


      I am happy to upload the files but I am unsure how to do that. Please let me know if there is a way to resolve this issue, or will I have to start over?


      Thank you!