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    Data merge crash in ID CS6 server (but works in ID CS6 desktop)


      I have a strange problem with datamerge solution of InDesign cs6 server.



      There is a 20-page indd document and a 50-record csv file to be used along with it.

      Creating merged document (using data merge) causes ID CS6 server to crash right after the moment the following line executes:






      However, strangely, for the same template file there is no crash in InDesign desktop counterpart.

      I certainly seems that there is some inherent problem with data merge in the InDesign server. All data merge settings are same for both applications.



      Even there is no crash if I directly export to PDF as follows:

      objDoc.dataMergeProperties.exportFile(ExportFormat.PDF_TYPE, outputfile);





      So, in summary for the same template file:



      objDoc.mergeRecords(); // crash occurs in InDesign server but not in desktop counterpart

      objDoc.dataMergeProperties.exportFile(...); // no crash at all



      It would be a great help if someone can throw some light on this.