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    Opening a package saved in CC using CS4


      Hi there,


      I am attempting to send my collegue a package that I saved using InDesign CC, but she has CS4. When she tries to open the package, she gets the error message:



      I know you have to save a file as an .idml in order to open it in an earlier version, but when I package my work, there is no option to save/package for an earlier version. Any solutions?



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          After you package the file, close the file you worked on and find the folder with the package. Open the INDD file from there.




          Use file > save as and choose CS4 and later. It will export an IDML file into the folder with the INDD file.




          Depending upon the feature you used that file may not work all that well and if nothing else, the text will probably reflow.