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    Loss of quality when using "Replace with Adobe After Effects Composition"


      My workflow:

      [1] Create new Premiere sequence with raw screen capture footage (h.264 mov 12fps ~2mbps)

      [2] Use blade tool to cut footage in a section that needs effects

      [3] Right click on section and choose "Replace with Adobe After Effects Composion"

      *For the purpose of this test, that is all I did (no effects add in either Premiere OR AE)

      [4] In Premiere, put an "In" point on the raw footage side, and an "Out" point on the "replaced" side, and render this section


      [5] Export using same settings as raw footage (h.264, sequence size, 12fps, ~2mbps)

      [6] Open export in Quicktime.


      Here is a (cropped, obviously) screen shot from the beginning of the clip (the raw footage):




      And here is that same area from the "replaced" side:




      It is much softer.


      Does any one have any input as to why the mere use of this feature causes degredation in the image quality? Again, I have not added any effects.