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    Coordinates wrong, only errors in Firefox




      I had this posted in the Dreamweaver forum but the mod figured out that the issue I'm having is with coordinates in the triggers. I am not sure how to fix this, does anyone have any ideas?


      Here is the link to the page I am having trouble with: 




      If you click on the series 1000 box, two images load, with headers. The 'Windows' header button with rollover works as directed. As does the 'Patio Doors' header button. The photo of the window is a button and also works as directed. The photo of the patio door, however, only works when you hover on the bottom, near the edge of the photo. If you try to click the center of the image, it plays the reverse I have coded for a different button, that is turned off, and is later in the timeline.


      Please let me know if anybody has any ideas.